Sports details

SCS Sports Camps & Parties


Unihoc and  hockey are fast paced, non-stop sports that allow all the the children to participate in a fun environment. The ice-hockey style penalty shoot-out will appeal to many as a tense finish to sessions!


Tag Rugby is a fast and fun introduction to rugby. Due to it being non-contact it allows boys and girls of varying ages to play together in a game that encourages both running and passing. Ever popular, football will be played via small sided games. Penalty competitions, and fun relays will also compliment the sessions.


Basketball and netball sessions will be taken on school courts or the sports hall with children practicing shooting, defending and passing the ball as well as understanding the rules of the games. Both games are easy to pick up meaning they'll appeal to all members of the group.


Swimming (8 and over) will be at Wetherby swimming pool just 15 minutes away by minibus. Simon is a qualified minibus driver and lifeguard trained although there will also be further lifeguards on duty at the pool. For children who are under 8, other activities will continue to be provided by a member of the team at Gateways School.

(Camps only - not available for parties)


 Kwik Cricket,   Softball and Rounders are all striking and fielding games that provide maximum involvement for all participants. Whilst the rules of all three differ, the basic principles of all three games are very similar. Children will also get a chance to try out authentic softball mits too! (Outdoor camps only).


Tennis skills will be taught on the school courts with children learning how to hold the racquet, control front and back hand as well as the rules of a match. The added bonus will be the presence of a professional tennis coach to take sessions at the camps!* 

*(subject to availability, confirmation nearer time, camps only - not available for parties)